Monday, July 1, 2013

around the world

A few months ago The Great Roberto came up with an idea. He would start drawing on a card and send it to me. I continue drawing and send it to the next person. 5 Persons participated on this wonderful project and the fun thing was that all 5 of us started a card. So 5 cards were posted and started their journey around the world. This weekend I got my card back that I started and it was excited to see what the others had made of it.  I really enjoyed this project. People I only know because of their blogs, started something "real". I now have a card with drawings of 4 people around the world and I really like that... Thank you Roberto, Stefanie, Hedwig and Rossichka.      

On the back of the card we each wrote something to the drawing or just what came up into our mind, to start a story you maybe can read when seeing the drawing:


  1. das ist ja eine schöne idee! und die fertige karte ist so witzig!
    liebe grüße schickt dir mano

  2. What a great idea and so fun too! If you continue this idea anytime I'd love to partake :)

  3. I agree with Kristen - love the drawing composite and the idea of collaboration around the world. Another round I would love to get my pen in on!

  4. how fun
    and friend making
    i too, enjoy these blog connections that happen

  5. YES!!!! WHIHAHOOPI:)))) Fantastic! I can't stop looking at it. It's wonderful to know the different pieces and to see how they form one piece. The button is so great, Rossichka! And the great Ram in his pink body! The others I had already seen, but forgotten, so it's a big surprise. I loved doing it and want to continue with it for ever. It's so good to know that you are part of a story that makes its way around the world. Thanks XXX

  6. One more thing: The image is so funny, but the story has such a sad ending :( I wish for the sun to open his eyes again!

  7. Oh, what a nice story! The white piece of paper turned into an amazing card - tender and sweet, and funny - I love it! Did you find a place for it?:)
    I'm so happy that I was invited to take part in this project - thank you, Roberto! Can't wait to see the other four cards!:D

  8. Oh, Celine, The Great Roberto...not too much? (You make me blush)

    I think it was really a nice experience, fun, and a little afraid that some of the cards do not reach its destination, but I think everything went well, (I have not received my card, haha)
    OK, Girls (R, S, C, H) was nice to do, right?
    Thank you Celine!

  9. that is so nice and inspiring. I just love colaborations like this.

  10. What a great project! It's amazing how all drawings fit together and become round, even the words on the back tell a story! The whole thing reminds me of a friend of mine, who already did several leporello drawings together with others, each one starting a drawing, the following persons continue, finally the completed leporellos go back to their owners. Great artworks, I can tell you!

    I did something different, but somehow similar, best friend and I once wrote stories, alternately continuing the plot with one sentence. Takes some time, but surprising stories came out!

    I'm curious to see the other cards now!


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