Sunday, November 27, 2011

early December give-away

Today is the first advent. I actually don't know if you all celebrate that or in which country you do.  In that case here a small explanation: the Christmas season officially begins with advent, it's the month before christmas day. Advent begins four sundays before christmas. By definition, "advent" means arrival.
I made stickers of my first Pippi-drawing. In about two weeks I will show you what I have done with them. And because it's advent I would like to give some of them away as a "thank you" for all your nice comments!
I hold the same rules as the last give-away: Normally I have between 4 and 14 comments on one of my posts, so I give about 15 stickers away. If you want one, leave a comment and I contact you for your address.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

it's so beautiful, but it's not real

Me and my sister made another trip, this time to the "Efteling". It's a theme park and everybody in the Netherlands does know it and if you are in the Netherlands I would say: visit it! Off course they have also rollar coasters, but the whole park is really magical ans has this great atmosphere. They are famous for their "fairy tale forest" where you can see all the famous fairy tales: red riding hood, Rapunzel and so on and a lot of dwarfs. Now they have build something new: this tree who tells stories and moves his leaves and somethimes a rabbit comes out of a whole an talkes back. There was a lot of fog that day, so that helped creating a nice sphere. The Efteling did another wonderful job creating something for your fantasy!

And a picture of me standing next to a giant gatekeeper. He makes me feel good about myself because I feel so small next to him. I'm 1.78 m and always feeling to biggest girl in the room....

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

a touchy situation

This is the new Pippi-drawing (150 x 230 cm) that I was working on and this is the first time that I'm a bit scared to post a work... I wonder what you'll think of it. I think I'm a bit scared to post it, because this drawing scares me. I did now 7 of these drawings and all of the Pippi's are doing - or are about to do something violent. But in the other drawings the girls don't look happy, they have no choice. And I think that is just it, that makes me uncomfortable with my own drawing: the smile on her face and the fun she is having, running around with that knife. It's that typical picture of a young girl running through the grass in the summer.

Friday, November 18, 2011

cups of tea

The last couple of days I have a very bad cold and not feeling very well. By now I really want it to go away. I'm starting to feel sick of eating peppermints for my throat, eating toast and drinking a lot of tea and soup. So I thought I make a funny drawing out of it, kind of....

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

oh so sweet

For my birthday my sister made me something sweet: Cake Pops. Do you know what that is? It's perfect if you want to make something smaller than cupcakes and you can be even more creative in decorating. Cake pops are small balls of cake on a lollipop-stick and you can make the most funny things out of them. I like sheep, so she made me a whole herd and me in the middle of it. In the piture below you can see the work of art. My sister loves to bake but it was still a lot of work. I loved it!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

full of play

I'm working on a new Pippi-drawing. This is the first girl who looks happy and even smiles. But the rest of the drawing isn't that much fun...I wonder what you will think of it when I'm done...

Thursday, November 3, 2011

quite happily

Today I was walking in our garden and wondering about the beautiful colours of autumn. I just love the brightness of yellow, orange and red. Amazing what nature can show us. Over here in The Netherlands we had a wonderful October and now even in November it's really warm. I guess it soon will be over, but for know there still are some flowers:

And even my red-hot-chilli-pepper-plants are still alive and that in November! Amazing!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

high noon again

It has been a while ago since I posted a part of the next Pippi-drawing I'm working on. It's has been finished for a while but I could not take a nice picture of it, because of the rebuilding that was going on in the house. For me this girl looks kind of sad, because she knows she's always going to be faster then you.... Or maybe she doesn't really care.