Saturday, December 29, 2012

give it a whirl!

I want to say goodbye to you for this year. A lot happened, good and bad stuff and I realy shared a lot with you on this blog. And all I want to say is THANK YOU! To all of you who follow this blog, read it once in a while and sometimes even take the time to write a comment. I mean it when I say that it means a lot to me that you spend some of your time here. I wish you all the very best for the next year, I hope it will be a creative one! And hopefully we see each other next year in this blog-universe;-)
So have a good time, were ever you celebrate and dance the night away!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

one more or one less...


This card made my dad for me for christmas. He let one of my Pippi's spread all the things I'm doing lately, all my different projects like the drawings, the crockery, necklaces and rings, the shop. I'm always worried if I don't do to much and if it all makes sence, because it's not one style and so on and on and on.... But now on this card it somehow does make sence and it just shows that I'm trying and working on it.  And maybe the projects aren't that different as I thought....

Sunday, December 23, 2012


So I did not find that small door to escape which I drew in my last post. It has been busy, the gifst are wrapped, the cooking is almost done so I hope today I can draw a bit more and relax.
This is a picture I took of a nativity scene which is build every year across our street at a farm. There is a day-care at this farm for mental disabled kids and they made this figures. I really like them, especially the animals make me smile.

What I want to say to you all: I hope you have a very nice christmas together with people you love, some nice food and well...some presents! Wish you some wonderfull days!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

fully underground

I know it's a cliche, but right now, during all this early-christmas-gifts-dinner-stress I want to disappear. Maybe I'll find a small door in a corner. You see: I have my handbag with me;-)

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

soup for christmas!

Between all the new projects I started I maneged to get the last 5 soup plates ready. I now have 6 dinner plates and 6 soup plates ready of the same crockery. Maybe I surprice my guests during christmas dinner with these plates... I wish you all good week and thanks to the ones who left a comment to the last post!

Friday, December 14, 2012

some tears, trials, tribulations for new stuff!

I don't know were to start, so much has happened, mostly in my head... and all of it about my art, and what art is and why some of it is so caled "high" or "important" art and some of it isn't and blablabla. Anyway: it all started with another cancellation for my drawings. I became kind of depressed, very sad and angry! Other people deside if my drawings are oke and if they are good enough or if they fir into their concept. So I decided to put some more energy in the other stuff I make: the things just for fun or just for friends.  The things that do not count in the art-world: the so-called hobby things... I was so tired of this discussion about art and the feeling about my other stuff, that they are not good enough or at least not in the world I want to fit in. So I decided all the stuff I make mathers and I just start something new, more "commercial". And I have fun doing it! So: I started a new label that goes by the name "Atelier Spunk" (atelier means as much as studio) and here you can find the jewelery I make. The shop isn't online yet, I hope it will be next week. I even updated my facebook-account which I ignored all these years... maybe some of you are out there as well, you'll find me here. And if you think it is a bit okay what I'm doing you can like the page of Spunk:
Enough for now, more later on, I wish you all a nice weekend!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

circle of life

I few weeks ago I told you about my visit to the Gaia Zoo. Now I want to show you a beautiful sculpure they own. The artist Roger Geraerdts made it. About two years ago you could see the "Elephants Parade" in the city Heerlen. The Elephants Parade is the world's largest open air exhibition of decorated elephant statues that seeks to attract public awareness and support for Asian elephant conservation. As an artist you get a grey elephant statue and you can do with it as you like. The wonderful thing about this sculpture is that you really have to look twice and then you'll see what's going on...He build a lion out of wood and iron around the elephant. I just think it's great. And apparently more people thought that so the Zoo ordered a baby sculpture.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

drawing challenge

This weeks drawing challenge is hosted by WOOLF and her great theme is Cactus. I'm going more by her subtitle: "please, don't go sit on a cactus, ayayay! ooy!" I actually really like cacti, I have a lot of them and this year some of them got some really nice flowers. And if I got my fingers full of the cactus needles I always blame myself for being not that carefull, not the cactus!
For more drawings on this theme please go to the wonderful WOOLF's blog!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

come and play

I finished another dinner plate in red, the same playfull girl as in my header. Let's see where this is going...