Tuesday, July 9, 2013

finally...and sorry!

Finally some sun and I hope where ever you are there is some sun too! That inspired me to take a picture in my garden with my pink slippers and draw my feet in them;)

And sorry that I don't leave a lot of comments on your blogs at the time. At lot of stuff is happening and I have been busy. But even if I don't comment, I still take a look at what you're all doing.
I wish you all a nice week!


  1. OK, I'm also very busy and a lot of work, so now, I'm not here, and I'm not leaving a comment. Ja Ja :))

    No problem Celine. kiss and hug! good day to you!
    (here, today is raining :(((

  2. Druk, druk, druk, maar nu even niet! Nog 2 weken werken in de zorg en dan 2 weken NIETS!

  3. don't worry, just enjoy the summer and your business :)

  4. ich lese und schaue trotzdem bei dir! und freu mich, wenn du wieder mehr zeit hast. deine "schlappen" sind genial!
    liebe grüße von mano

  5. I like your transparent legs! En blijven lachen!

  6. Je mehr Sonne, desto weniger Computer. So geht es glaub ich im Moment den meisten Bloggern und so soll es auch sein. Have a nice time whatever you're doing and see you soon!
    Das Bild macht jedenfalls gute Laune! :o)


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