Saturday, May 31, 2014

drawing challenge

This weeks host for the drawing challenge is my dear friend Roberto. Even if we never met, I think of him like a friend, because he helped me a lot with his comments which are serious and often funny at the same time and I'm sure he will say something about what I'm going to write here and I will think: he is so right! That happens a lot ;-)
So: Roberto's theme is "limits" or if you will "no limits".  I didn't have to think long about this one. I have one big limit and that is myself. Let me try to explain. I limit myself, my head does. I think to much. I question everything. I think ahead if there is no use because I can't influence the future. My limit is fear. Not in the way that I don't like roller coasters because I love that! But in the way that I'm afraid to take a step in the wrong direction, ruin things or hurt people. I know al this and try to take things easier, let this limit not influence my work because that would be the worst thing ever!
For this challenge I took a still from one of my older video works, made in 2004. I choose the first still because of the word "hey". The video has a lot of text in it, but for this "hey" fits perfectly. "hey" to myself: take it easy, do not limit yourself, don't be scared. Like a note to myself. The second still is just a big scream! I get soooo tired of myself questioning everything. I'm going to scream "no limits" right now!

For more limits please visit Roberto's blog, where you find lots of his great and funny illustrations. Thanks for stopping by this week and I wish you all a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

and there she is!

Framed and ready to go! I printed 4 of my large drawings and framed them. They are going to be for sale this friday in a shop in Rotterdam which is part of an art space. I'm really exciting to part of their re-opening of this shop and see what reactions I get and if the prints will sell or not…. Then I think about making more and sell them myself. Every print will be available 20 times. It's hard to take a good picture but I hope you get the idea for now…

Friday, May 16, 2014

and she is back!

Remember her? The first large drawing (150x230 cm) I ever made. Now I'm making some test of turning it into digital prints. I got a lot of questions by people if I also sell prints of these drawings, they would be of course a lot cheaper... I played with the idea in my mind and I give it a shot! Soon more details, if you want to see all the drawings I made, you can check out my website here.

Have a good weekend!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

her beauty

Another sneak-peak of my sketchbook. I wish you all a good week and thank you for your nice and encouraging words on my last post!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

drawing challenge

This weeks host for the drawing challenge is the wonderful Patrice and her theme is "food". Of course I had to play along with this one! Many of you know already that I have this other blog about food. If not: I draw the recipes I cook and vary them with funny or serious quote's about food. This blog is about nice food in spite of food allergies.

In short I tell you my relationship with food. My whole life I have been allergic for peanuts and nuts. I get really ill when I only eat a third of a peanut, I can't breath. At the same time I have been suffering with headaches, stomach-ache and I was always extremely tired since I was 9 years old.  The doctors never found anything and send me home. When I was 16 it turned out that it was better for me not to eat certain things, that's why I became ill. I did that for one year but I could not keep it up. I was studying and living my life and having fun and it was to expensive to buy all that special stuff. I was used to the head-and stomach ache so that didn't bother me much. Almost two years ago I became very ill. I couldn't leave my bed for almost two months and that was the point when it hit me: I had to change things and think more about what I eat. I still I have to deal with my head and stomach because my body can not tell me what is good for it  and what not because all those years I just ignored it signals. I am used to my diet now, it is not hard. What is hard for me is that I can't figure out the signals of my body but I just give it some time. I am 33 years old now and learning what is good for me after 24 years. I started the food-blog to deal with it and to give it a positive turn and maybe to help others who have the same problems.

Like Patrice said: food has a huge impact on out health and I think most people don't realize this. People often ask me what I eat, if I still have fun and eat things that are fun and if it is not a lot of work and if it's not easier to take pills. This tells me that we have a disturb relationship with food and that the answer "it is a lot better for me and my health to eat this way" should be enough.

For more food please visit the wonderful blog of Patrice and I wish you all a nice weekend!