Friday, October 25, 2013

I love my

A while ago I showed you here the beginning of a new drawing and I totally forgot to show how it turned out. Well, here is is! This is drawing number 2 with a girl with a weird pipi-tail-hat. (click here for number 1). I'm working on some more drawings, also with pen and airbrush and I'm thinking about ink. I'm still not sure if I should continue this new series, I just keep drawing and then I'll decide if it worth keeping....
Wish you a good weekend!

Monday, October 21, 2013

sneak peek...

 my sketchbook to start this new week. Thank you for the nice comments the last few weeks to my exhibition, paintings and drawings, it really means a lot to me that you still take the time to write something! Wish you all a good start on this monday!

"miss wespentaille" means "miss wasp waist"

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

a combination or two

In this nice room are my paintings now for a month. This is a picture before the opening. It is always a combination of a musician and an artist. After the concert, most of the time it is classical music, is the opening of the exhibition. In my case there was a piano concert as you can see. This is a really bright room and I like my work in there. From the point where I took the picture, so in my back, there is a restaurant and some of my paintings are in there, which works as well, which I didn't expect...

Saturday, October 12, 2013

drawing challenge

This weeks host is Kristen and her theme is "homage". I have a lot of things I would love to bring a homage to, like pencils, paint brushes, paper and so on. But of course I want to dedicate this to an artist. I get a lot of inspiration by woman artist, also because of their theme's, like Tracey Emin, Sarah Lucas, Kiki Smith, Cindy Sherman, Jenny Saville and Niki de Saint Phalle (click here for my love for her work). But my homage goes to Pipilotti Rist, a video artist. I studied video and performance art in Basel, Zwitserland from 2003 til 2006. I was already a big fan of her work. In my second year I found out that she had studied at the same school in the eighties! And one of my teachers was in a band with her. I loved to hear the stories and see the images of that. Anyway, as I finished school I made some animations and then started drawing again. In 2009 I heard about a competition were you could make a video inspired by Rist. I did that and it was the last video I made. But who knows... I love the colors she uses and I tried to show that in my video which you can view here. Not my best work but I wanted you to see it ;-) I always acted myself in the videos but in this one it's my sister. It has sound!

For more homages please go to the lovely blog of Kristen and have a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

because we cancancan!

That is a sentence of the song by Fatboy Slim for the movie "Moulin Rouge" where they dance the cancan. I like that song ;-) 
Anyway, I made 2 designs for the brabantia design competition: the "cancancan" girls and the strong weightlifters. You can still vote for one of them if you like them. For the girls click here and for the weightlifter here. If you do, I say Thank You! 
This is what the designs look like if they are not in the preview on the tin:

Saturday, October 5, 2013

drawing challenge

This weeks host is birthday girl Stefanie, so first of all a big HIP HIP HURRAAAYY! Happy birthday to you my dear and I hope you have a wonderful day!

Her theme is "cup" inspired by the great artist Meret Oppenheim and to bring your own cup to the birthday party. I thought about what to show you here, because I have this love for cups and crockery. I have several favorite cups for my tea: new ones, but also from my childhood and some of them are so precious I don't use them, I only look at them. But then I remembered a drawing I made a while ago for my society6 shop. A drawing with tea cups in combination with a sentence I love. So this one it is.

I wish you all a great weekend, with some creativity and tea, and for more cups please go to Stefanie's blog!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


... you meet such nice and friendly people. It's a shame that I feel that I should write a post about it, that it's such a rare thing these days if something nice from others happends to you. A lot of people are so grumpy, not happy and don't want to share anything any more. If someone gives you something for free without wanting anything back, that is just great! I got two boxes full of material to make enamel jewelery or others things with. I got it from the woman who invited me to take part in the art route a month ago. I didn't know her at all. She turned out to be very nice and we got along very well. At the end of day she said to me that she got these boxes full of material. She got them from a nun who made jewelery while living in a convent. The nun past away and she got the material. The boxes standing there for years and she just doesn't have the time to figure out how it works. She saw my jewelery and asked if I want to have these boxes because she felt that I would do something with it. And now I have these wonderful things! All the material to make new things, the enamel powders and the old vintage books how to make it. Just to own this is great, it's like going back in time, to see a glimpse of what this nun made and did. Old letters of her and the orders she placed for new powders. I still have to figure out how it works, it sounds really not that easy! I hope I soon have some more time to work with it and I hope I manage to make something out of it. At least make a piece for this lovely lady who gave it to me.