Friday, July 5, 2013

oh girl...

Last week I told you about my new love: drawing in photo's. That has already developed into something new, hihi! Besides the love for drawing I took my collection of small vintage toys, my collections of quotes and made it into something new, put it al together. And I can tell you: this makes me smile as well! Lets see what happens next week with all my love for things, mmm...

If you like it you can click here, I already made cards, t-shirts and prints out of 2 designs.


  1. Yep, and I would not want to suggest that she is! You make me smile, C! -sus

  2. <hey and my comment?????!!!!!!!!!!!!
    seems to have disappeared!! :O
    ok, I said that if you have fun and feel good doing this, it is good for you
    ah ... and I said good weekend for you
    eh ... and nothing more :)


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