Tuesday, July 16, 2013

play my darling play

I just found my old 3D view-master! Do you remember them? If not, take a look at my new profile-picture;-) This week it's all about taking a little break, taking care of my shop, cleaning my studio a bit and that kind of things. And while doing that I found this wonderful vintage toy and I managed to take a sort of good picture of one of the images. I'll play a little bit more with my view master and wish you a good week!


  1. O yes, I remember. Much better than a 3D-movie! Good luck with the cleaning!

  2. What a good find!
    ialso remember the old steropticans they had in the basement of the ancient public library when I was very young. Have fun regrouping Celine.

  3. Yesss, view-master! I had one, too, so I'm a bit jealous now that you still have yours!! ;o) What a great picture of Rotkäppchen, I wish I could see all! Frohes Spielen, liebe Céline!

  4. I remember it but never had one. I think a friend of mine had it.
    have fun, Celine!
    you're a girl! do not take the world seriously :)))
    good week for you!

  5. Oh I loved those- especially how 3-d everything looked :) Have fun!

  6. Yes, we had one which I shared with my sister and three younger brothers. My kids had a newer one but it didn't last very long..... a naughty boy came over for a visit and smashed it in a fit of anger! :(

  7. oh wie toll!! ich will auch einen. unbedingt!! dein profilfoto ist supergenialistisch!
    liebe grüße von mano

  8. Oh wow, this brings me back to my childhood! I loved my View-Master and kept begging my parents for new reels whenever we pass by toy stores. Maybe I should go on a cleaning spree as well so I can find mine.


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