Friday, April 29, 2011

no room in my suitcase

Tomorrow morning I'm going away for the weekend. Together with my sister I'm going to the city Den Haag. We have to drive for two and a half hours but we'll have lots to talk about! I'm realy looking forward to it. We will spend the day in Den Haag and in the evening we go to the theater, so we have to look nice! And sunday we spend the day in Scheveningen, which is a modern seaside resort with a long sandy beach, a pier and a lighthouse. I haven't been to the beach for a long time. Wish you all a nice weekend!


  1. céline,
    these illustrations are amazing, I love the way you resolve the composition!
    the second is too great!
    I hope you get a great trip, enjoy the beach!!

    and don't worry, it will not ruin your hair .... ;¬))

  2. en....was het een leuk weekend? Mooie tekeningen, als je haar maar goed zit :-)

  3. beautifull, I like really a lot the paintings in your last post, really great Celine

  4. Mooi werk, was gisteren maar naar Weert gekomen. Er was een overdaad aan spullen. Voor ieder wat wils. Succes met de voorbereidingen voor M'tricht.
    grt, Helmi

  5. I especially love the first drawing. How was your trip? Oh you'll probably make a post about it.

  6. fantastic pictures, great blog. i`ll come back. i found your blog because of lulu:


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