Tuesday, May 3, 2011

red hot chili pepper-girl

The season of growing your own vegetables has began! I grow my own tomato's, peppers, cucumbers, salad, strawberry's, rhubarb, herbs and hot chili's peppers. I still have a lot of peppers left from last year. They're hanging in my kitchen, I dry them. And we just finished the last tomato's from last year. So I made a sculpture for in the kitchen, the chili's need a queen! She's about 75 cm and I used one of my old barbie dolls. Now I'm working on a tomato-girl.


  1. great idea, this red hot chili pepper girl, Nice that she's so long, almost a pepper-queen, so stately.

  2. It is sooo cool! Just amazing! We are also growing a lot of plants - greens, tomatoes, red peppers, strawberries, rhubarbs, currants, coriander. And some more to sow! It's great to have your own garden. Last year we lived in a flat. I even can't remember life in a flat, I'm so in love with this house.

  3. queen chili ist großartig - freu mich schon auf princess tomato!
    ich hab mal barbies in wachs eingegossen, damit sie die ewige schönheit behalten...
    zeigst du mal deinen garten? würd ich gern sehen! ich hab leider kein gemüse, der boden hier ist nicht so toll, dafür aber viele kräuter.

  4. Mooi, ben benieuwd naar de tweede barbie!
    Zien we dit ook in M'tricht?
    grt, Helmi

  5. Wow!!! You ARE a DYNAMO!!! I'm amazed at all that you do... and you do it so well.
    Too bad you are all the way around the world from me. I'd love to come over for dinner.
    Your red hot chili pepper girl is FABULOUS!!!

  6. http://lulu041283.blogspot.com/2011/05/blogentdeckung.html


  7. celine,
    this red hot chili pepper-girl,
    magnanimous reign in the kitchen!
    is so important to have a new object to look! even in the kitchen!
    the format and colors are amazing,
    I loved that strong presence!

  8. you grow yr own food, that's fantastic!! we had garden but it takes a lot of work, so we dropped it. and there's nothing better then yr own tomatoes and cucumbers.
    love the Barbie, i'm a huge fan of Barbie dolls!


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