Monday, April 18, 2011

What is Art? Art is what? Is Art what?

I had an overkill of art this weekend and now I'm exhausted. I visited the 2011 edition of ART COLOGN, where around 200 international galleries will be showcasing Classic Modernism, Post-War and Contemporary art and of course the popular sections "open space, new contemporaries and new positions" will spotlight cutting-edge trends in contemporary art. Pfffffffffffffffff......I always like to see what is going on in the world of art, but in the end it just to much and you can't take it in anymore. This time I didn't see anything that I found absolutely great, but I bought a wonderful book! I'm a huge fan of the work of Jenny Saville. She is one of the famous "british artists" that became famous in the nineties as Charles Saatchi bought their work. She paints bodies that emanate a sort of state of in-betweeness: a hermophrodite, a transvestite, a carcass, a half-alive/half-dead head. She uses paint in a sculptural way and it's all about painting flesh. And the way she does that is just amazing! I wish I could paint like that.


  1. céline,
    is very cool, you'll share your trips to exhibitions, your opinions and your statements in this case as 'Jenny Saville', whose work is as intense as intriguing, amazing...
    I also love the technique of it - I met her on the blog
    I do not know if you know, has a lot going on this blog.

    and I loved this your drawing!
    is clean, quiet and cozy, adorable :))

  2. Hi, hi, kan me voorstellen dat je uitgeput bent. Super grappige tekening.
    Prachtig het werk van Jenny Saville kende haar nog niet.

  3. Hi Céline

    It is very relaxing.
    Even the viewer from the picture is very relaxed afterwards
    Such a pleasant mix of bars and spaces


  4. oh yes, jenny is one of my favorite painter. lot of people compare her to lucian freud, but i think i love her even more.

  5. gosh, you are a tough cookie... artcologne is a hell of a task; right after leaving such an event, I always feel completely art-poisened. but after a while, the images come back and it starts being great. btw., we share the passion for jenny saville!

  6. mooi uitgedrukt, de uitputting op de grote lege bank

  7. the work is great and the answer for me is:
    art is all

    see you

  8. Leuke review en bijpassende tekening! Inderdaad, na zo'n hele dag rondstruinen over zo'n expo ben je lichamelijk en geestelijk moe van de kilometers die je hebt afgelegd en alle indrukken die je krijgt en wilt opslaan. Goeie tip mbt. Jenny Saville!


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