Friday, September 14, 2012

Pippi and Mister Nilsson

Yesterday this beautiful necklace arrived, it made my day! It's so perfect, like it's especially made for me to wear it. It fits beautiful with the drawings I make, perfect inspiration and funny and the same time. It's made by Karamboola. If you like nostalgic jewellery you should definitly check out her shop!
I wish you all a nice weekend!


  1. wie für dich gemacht - und wunderschön dazu! ich freu ich, dass du es gefunden hast und schau mich jetzt mal bei karamboola um!
    dir ein schönes wochenende, bis bald, mano

    1. ps: das gibt es ja wirklich tolle sachen und ich hab auch schon was für mich ins auge gefasst!!

  2. Hey you deseve it!!! I am sure that in another neck than yours, this beautiful necklace, will not look so beautifu :))))))))))))
    have a nice weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. It's AMAZING!!!!!!
    I just love Pippi!! I used to read it when I was little and watch the films. If you ever go to Stockholm, please visit Astrid Lindgren's museum Junibacken, it's quite near the city centre.. We went there once and it was like a step-in-time, back to childhood, I mean.. There are playhouses for kids of Lindgren's characters and some exhibitions. But I think the best part was a tour ride.. It's like in a wagon and you drive through different sites like Karlsson's house and other characters' activities... Highly recommend! :)

    Thank you for the comment on my blog! Yes, I'm back and will share some photos soon! :) I saw so much during this two-week trip. You wouldn't imagine how hot it was in Mallorca (for me at least, haha)!

  4. it does look amazing, and a bit like an extention of yrou art. lovely thought..
    x sandra

  5. Wat lief, het zal je zeker goed staan.

  6. Snoezig! Kijk eens wat ik tegen kwam echt iets voor jouw!


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