Monday, September 24, 2012

my own little world

While searching for something at our addic I found an old wooden wine box of my dad. A box were they transport wine in if you buy it. The more expensive the wine, the more beautiful and better the box is.  I ask him if I could have the box and transformed it into another nice little rack for my little stuff (and I have a lot of it!) I painted it white but on the side you can still see the " grand vin du france". I put in on a wall which I papered with mostly pages of the dutch magazine Flow. These small things make me happy. I wish you a all a good week!


  1. Blij zijn met de kleine dingen. Mooi, geniet ervan!

  2. Wow wat leuk, van oud naar nieuw! ManonX

  3. such a wonderful little corner. I love it and though it is chaos around here, it makes me smile!

  4. Hi Céline, very beautiful this box!!! :))
    I can see your ink bottles W & N. I used them many years ago when cartoons were painted by hand with brush. I loved the pictures of the boxes. then I started painting with Pebeo Colorex, but then came the computer and finished the charm :(
    good week for you too! :)))))))

  5. ich bin ganz verzückt von deinem regal samt inhalt und umgebung!! wunderbar dein ganzer krimskrams!!
    deinen teller vom letzten post finde ich superhammermäßig. wird es sie (oder ähnliche) vielleicht irgendwann in deinem shop geben?? das blau ist wunderschön und das motiv zu den blümchen toll!
    und herzlichen glückwunsch zu 100 leserInnen!!
    viele liebe grüße, mano

  6. fijn hoekje, grappig ook zo'n kleurenkubus van vroeger :-)

  7. Lovely your space, and I also feel that... new ideas and reuses, rejoicing the day to day; very cozy!

    I hope you're right; there's a time I can not come to blogs, and even draw! This year is a little clumsy, but with persistence I can tame him! :))
    a hug.


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