Sunday, September 16, 2012

learn to say please

This is the last big drawing I made and I wanted to show you a better picture then the one I showed you here where I'm standing in front of it. This one is a bit different then the rest of the drawings but I like it and I feel sorry for her, even if you can't be sure that maybe she just did something very bad...
What do you think?


  1. oh, I know that attitude. she's playing tricks, knowing exactly she DID something wrong. this drawing is really different, as she looks cute and a bit mean at once. she is great!

  2. I do not know what she did.
    bad?, wrong?, she said something rude? she broke something?
    I'm sure she did what any girl her age, she did not say please? Oh ...
    You do not feel bad for her, she is a work of art, sometimes, she will be a good girl, and others, she will be a bad girl
    but always perfect, as a work of art.
    Good week, Céline!!!!!

  3. i think she is definitely trying to get away with something here! playing up her cuttness and all, it’s probably going to work because she looks so adorable and sweet… what a little devil!

  4. not exactly knowing what she did gives the right and intriguing tension to this work, we can make up stories and wonder, x

  5. oh ja, hier hou ik van!
    dat je weet dat ze iets deed
    ook al ziet ze er onschuldig uit
    en die ketting
    is prachtig!!


  6. This is a really beautiful drawing.


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