Friday, September 7, 2012

crashing into something new

Yesterday I had some visitors: an art-committee who is interested in my work. I don't know if it's going to work out, so I don't want to say to much about it. Maybe it was just this visit and that's it, apart from making room in our living room to hang the drawings which was an evening of work. But at least it gave me another opportunity to hang my drawings and to try something new with an older drawing next to the new ones. The one I'm standing in front of is a drawing I just finished. I will post a better picture of it next week.


  1. oh, spannend, Celine. 'k Ben benieuwd! Mooie foto met jou in het roze tussen de pippi kunstwerken :-)

  2. O, wat bijzonder, ik ga duimen voor je dat er iets uitkomt. Mooi de grote werken zo bij elkaar te zien ze versterken elkaar!

  3. Hi, Celine, there is only one word in the world to leave my comment here: Congratulations.
    and this word is accompanied by other small words: luck, good waves, you deserve it!!!!!!!!!!
    And finally, but not least: good weekend my friend!! :)))))))))))))

  4. hallo céline, das foto von dir und deinen bildern ist toll - und das neue pippi bild sieht spannend aus. und ich drück dir die daumen, dass das komitee sich für dich und deine arbeiten entscheidet. sie wären dumm, wenn sie es nicht tun würden!!
    schönes wochenende, mano

  5. Hehhe C, I really thought yr living room is some gallery, maybe you should leave them there.
    I have feeling that everything is going to work just well, keep my finger crossed, wish you luck :*

  6. Celine that’s just fabulous news! i’ll keep my fingers crossed for you… i am always amazed at the size of your work; to see you standing next to it… it’s just amazing.

  7. They look great together, I can almost feel the energy of Pippi playing all around your living room :)
    Wish you the best!

  8. woman, every time I see them again, I love them even more. fingers crossed here and a million wishes, that the comission sees their greatness. have a wonderful weekend!

  9. oh - ich drück dir die daumen. großARTige arbeit!

  10. Spannend, indrukwekkend zo naast elkaar.

  11. even hier niet geweest
    en dan gebeurt er van alles
    ik vind deze foto prachtig
    jij in dat roze tussen de pippi's
    en ik hoop dat het wat wordt
    of is geworden ;^))
    ik hoop dat je je beter voelt

    Patrice A.

  12. Your work is incredible! Hope all goes well with the committee.

  13. my girl!
    your living room is huge!!
    how'd it go? you've got the assignment, right?


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