Friday, August 10, 2012

the fisheye view 2

I few weeks ago I showed you some experiments with a lomo-camera. We took the camera with us to our trip to Norway and here are some results. It's not so easy, you have to experiment a lot. If the horizon line is exactly in the middle you hardly see a difference from a normal photo. I still think it's quite funny, especially the one with the boat made me smile. Below a picture of our car, we drove 3.800 km on our trip...


  1. So cool! You're lomo photos have inspired me to buy a lomocamera of my own, so good that they're pretty cheap! I love the artistic vibe of analogue photos. Your pictures turned out awesome, in my opinion!! 3,8000 km, WOW!! I've never driven in a car for so long, haha! :D And by the way, you have the coolest car! ;)

    1. Ooops,
      '3,800' not '3,8000' (that would have been too tideous, lol)! :D

  2. love, love, love those pictures. the one with the boat, but also the lake alone. and besides that the car is beyond supercool, traveling likes this makes me smile. I prefer "working" the distance, getting to know everything on the way, instead of a quick flight. I kinda knew you're that kind of woman too ;-)

  3. Fantastisch Celine, had dit nog niet meegekregen op je blog. Is dai nu de fish-eye lens? Ik heb zelf een Holga camera. Het ontwikkelen van de filmpjes is nogal duur. Dus gebruik hem niet zo vaak.

  4. die lomo fotos sind toll, und besonders das schiff, dass den berg hoch fährt ist total witzig. und erstmal euer auto!!!
    dein sketchbook hat mir auch sehr gefallen (die schafe!) - ich kritzel auch immer rum, besonders wenn ich in ausstellungen nicht fotografieren kann. mal sehen, vielleicht zeige ich demnächst mal eine seite davon.
    viele grüße von mano, die dein rabenbild auch sehr mag

  5. 1. I love your funny photo of the boat.
    2. your car photo looks like a postcard from the 50s
    3. that's a lot of driving!
    4. I'm going to search for a lomo after seeing how much fun you are having with yours!
    5. xo

  6. These are really fun! The boat IS very amusing, but I think my favorite is the car. It really does look like something from the 1950s!

  7. OOOHHHH! I LOVE the car!!!! That boat is going to slip off the water!!!

    GREAT photographs. Beautiful scenery. Wow!


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