Friday, August 3, 2012

drawing challenge: crow

This weeks drawing challenge is hosted by Carole and her theme is CROW. I actually like these animals, I think they're beautiful. In Norway they where not totally black, like over here. They had also lots of grey shades. To bad I couln't take a nice picture of one.
Anyway: my drawing for this theme is a bit like an image of a fairytale, or at least a dream of mine: that I'm so little that I could get on his back and fly around the world!

If you want to see more, check out Carole's blog for more participants.


  1. Hi C.
    ha ha "Hi C". it's reminds me a drink such as orange juice :)
    Your artwork is wonderful!
    You know that here in my country
    do not exist the crows?
    maybe there is a bird-like but I do not know :(
    Thanks for your kind comment!
    Wish you a beautiful weekend
    (I liked to read that you cultivate your own vegetables, that's great)

  2. i love the idea of flying away on a bird’s back...

  3. Oh Celine, your love for crows shows in this work! I too would like to climb on a crow's back and fly. A fairytale dream. xo Carole

  4. i like the angle! before i read your words i didn't realize this mirrors a desire of yours. how delightful....-ly frightening that'd be, vertigo-d as i am...

  5. What a dream Celine! It looks like your crow friend is quite happy to have you hop on. He is waiting patiently for you and allowing the ladder to balance against its' body while you climb up. What a powerful drawing this is...both symbolically and graphically. This would look fabby as a print and framed. It would probably sell a million I bet. *smiles* Norma

  6. I like crows too and your crow is beautiful. What a lovely idea to fly with him.

  7. A beautiful drawing and a really fun dream, Celine - I would love to fly with the crows! (We would get into all kinds of mischief). -sus

  8. i would also like to fly with them...fantastic.

  9. a really good choice,
    dear Celine,
    flying on a Crow!
    Beautiful drawing...
    its like a dream comes true.

    x Ariane.

  10. Hi Celine, a very very good drawing and for me crows have something very special and fairytale like thing about them, so flying on them seems very natural to me! Love it.
    xo Barbara

  11. Hi Celine! You have captured norwegian crows very vell. In Trondheim, where I live, we have both grey and black crows. You can find them only in three locations in Norway, the black ones I mean.We have a folk song in Norway about a man that shot a crow, and the crow was so big, he used the beak as a boat, its eyes as windows and so on. I think this is the kind of crow you met, ehh, made!

  12. hello Celine, i love the idea and all the different shades you used to bring your crow really alive, fine work, x

  13. dat zou ik ook wel willen, op de rug van een kraai, mooi beeld!

  14. Very cool. I bet that would be an amazing ride !!


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