Sunday, August 12, 2012

news! news! news!

Now I'm also one of those people who have their own online-shop, but I'm still pretty exhited! I don't have much items to sell yet and I'm not sure where it's going, but still: something new!
One of the items I'm selling is the "to die for" pocket-mirror: size 7,6 cm and perfect for your handbag or pocket. And to celebrate the opening of my shop I'll give one pocket-mirror away! If you leave a comment you can win this one! Next week I'll let you know who the lucky one is...
Please let me know what you think of my shop!


  1. SOO excited for you, dear Céline!!!! This is a big step into good direction for an artist! I hope everything sells well, I'm sure people will get more interested in your works over time. I'd definitely buy something from your shop! :) This pocket mirror is perfect, I was just thinking that I needed one, hehe. And if I don't win, I'll buy one! :D So happy for you, dear!! :=) Carry on the good work and all the creating! I love your unique style and outlook on world's issues.

  2. oh céline, das ist großartig!!! ich freu mich so für dich und versuche jetzt natürlich, den pocket mirror zu gewinnen!
    ich finde deinen shop superschön gemacht und der name "oh oh" ist so toll und passt perfekt! ich wünsch dir ganz viel erfolg!
    herzlichen gruß, mano

  3. Hi, Celine, this is wonderful, congratulations!!
    (unfortunately, my card is lost, it never came to me: (((((((Buaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (I'm crying) :(((((((

  4. SO cool!!!!!!!!!! I wish you great success with your shop. It looks great!

  5. Congratulations with tour shop and Great give-away;)

  6. Celine, your art style is made for merchandise and fabby stuff. I love your shop and I feel you will do very well indeed! I love your style and please enter my name in for a chance to win this lovely little trinket treasure! Awesome! Norma, xo

  7. this is exciting and the shop looks great. congratulations! I love your Pipis and am sure there are many who think about them the same way. the best of luck from berlin, and a little opening dance too!

  8. gefeliciteerd Celine, leuk :-) Ben benieuwd en wens je veel succes!!

  9. wat goed!
    ik ben nog aan het denken en dubben
    etsy of bigcartel of anders....
    waarom koos jij voor bigcartel en niet voor etsy bijvoorbeeld?


  10. Yeey, congrats Celine I hope you'll have a lot of costumers<3
    I love the name of the shop ;)


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