Thursday, August 30, 2012

photogenic Pollock

This is another experiment with a lomo-camera. This time is not a fisheye, but a camera which has 4 lenses. The camera takes 4 pictures each time you push the button. It takes the pictures very fast and on one print you get 4 pictures. Each picture of my rabbit Pollock is as big as a creditcard and together they make a normal size print. What you see above is a normal photo. You never know exactly what the lenses capture, especially when the oject moves, like Pollock. It was a lot of fun taking pictures of Pollock, he just wanted to see if he could eat the camera...


  1. Wat ontzettend leuk, 4 van die foto's bijelkaar ziet er gelijk uit als een klein kunstwerkje.

  2. This camera is very strange yet very interesting!
    I imagine it as a strange device created by Dr. Emmett L. Brown! ha ha :)))

  3. diese lomo kamera ist wirklich sehr vielfältig und pollock ist ein hübsches fotomodell! ich mag auch seinen namen!!
    bei mir ist es auch nur selten so aufgeräumt - ich hatte vorher grad mal geputzt und neu dekoriert, deshalb sah es (ausnahmsweise!) ordentlich aus...
    viele grüße, mano
    ps: wir waren heute in der lüneburger heide und ich hab so gehofft, heidschnucken zu treffen, um sie für dich zu fotografieren. leider waren sie grad anderweitig unterwegs! schade...

  4. yes, that is of course truely inspiring. movement is such a lure to my eye, and i think i would be so excited abouut lomo i would not be able to stop! oh dear!

  5. Cute little bunny...and I am loving your art work in the previous post! So looking at comic books but so much more character.

  6. Such an adorable rabbit!
    And lomo cameras are so fun! :D

  7. ahh.. I love your Pollock! he's so beautiful!
    a perfect model for this experience, which gave a great result!

  8. The Dr. Emmett L. Brown part got me laughing. That is a good one lol


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