Tuesday, August 21, 2012

me, myself and I...

I'm still sick, but already doing a bit better. Thank you again for your nice words on my last post. I can't do very much at the moment which means that I also can't draw a lot. So I started to doodle in my sketchbook and I tried to make a comic-figur out of myself... Funny, but I'm not sure if this has a future ;-)


  1. OH I LOVE IT!!!!! You should continue doing these, I really like the cartoon version of you! :D

    And get well, dear! Shoo shoo to your cold!

  2. bitte weitermachen! ich finde dich als comicfigur großartig!
    weiterhin gute besserung! liebe grüße, mano

  3. It's wonderful! I think your cartoon version has a future!!!
    Glad you are feeling some better.

  4. Hello C.
    I like this character
    do you know how I see this character?
    I see it as an intellectual character, like a cartoon character, which makes intellectual reflections, something like the characters in the Peanuts strip,
    I write comic scripts, we could try :) Ha Ha :)))))))
    Take care of your health!

  5. future or not(and they are good fun) it's a good sign that you started to doodle, get well soon, x

  6. ze is grappig met haar staartje, alleen nog niet zoveel houding. Ik moet denken aan die foto van jou met de pippi-tas: een 'spring in't veld' dat kan ik me bij dit figuur ook best voorstellen :-)

    beterschap, Celine!!

  7. who knows?
    but you're keeping the spirit UP!
    sorry to hear this isn't passing as quick as wanted...


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