Saturday, August 18, 2012

thank you and sorry

Thank you so much for your comments on my shop and your encouraging words! (don't forget: you can still leave a comment on that post to win the pocket-mirror).

And I'm sorry that I haven't been around this week in the blog-world or leave comments your blogs and look at your new post. I've been quite sick and to be honest I'm still not doing okay, so I can't surf around that much on the net, because I've to lie down. The hardest part for me is that I have to ask for help, which I find very hard but at the same time a good lesson to learn. But I wish I would feel better learning it! And hopefully I'll remember it when I'm better... I wish you all a nice weekend and a good start in the new week!


  1. liebe céline,
    hilfe anzunehmen ist wirklich schwer - mir geht es auch so! ich wünsche dir deshalb ganz schnell gute besserung, komm bald wieder auf die beine, damit du auch das schöne wetter noch genießen kannst!
    alles liebe für dich und viele grüße! mano
    ps: dein bild zum thema ist toll!

  2. He, dat van die shop heb ik helemaal gemist, leuk zeg!

    Maar niet leuk dat je je niet goed voelt, hopelijk knap je heel snel op!

    Beterschap Céline!

  3. Oh ja, erg mooie tekening trouwens, al is het onderwerp gerelateerd aan jouw post dat je je niet goed voelt en moet liggen en er problemen mee hebt om die helpende hand te vragen/accepteren. Nogmaals beterschap!

  4. Oh, Céline, I'm sorry, me too was sick this week, but it was only the flu.
    I send all my good waves so you get better:))))))))))))))))
    Thank you very much for your comment, you are always so kind to me.
    thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I send you a thousand smiles for you to have near you this weekend:)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  5. take that help and let others spoil you. you deserve it. get well soon, until then, sleep, sleep, sleep! lots of love from berlin!

  6. I meant to also say- that's a beautiful image. Get well soon!

  7. Wat rot om ziek te zijn! wish you all the best, Celine!!

  8. i hope you are feeling much better by now? i can relate to the not-wanting-any-help part... it's a drag, but most people really feel good when they're asked for help...
    just do not ask a teenager, is all...
    ha ha ha...
    congrats on your shop, by the way. it is looking sleek!
    love the to-die-for mirror, i like its name already!


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