Saturday, May 14, 2011

"deliverance at last"

"deliverance at last" are the words on the cover of the magazine which Schunck* published on the occasion of the exhibition "Niki de Saint Phalle: Outside-In". I told you all about the exhibion in this post and that they're working on a "Niki zine" (from magazine...), and looking for pictures of  people who are inspired by her work in this one. And now the Nikizine is ready and they published my tattoo! I'm very happy with it, to be connected to her work and on a project like this. I want to share a part of the text about art, which I found very powerful:

"What makes the work of the artists who have been sidelined as "outsiders" so interesting and topical is that it indirectly reflects the way we deal with critical, nonconformist voices. As self-affirmed "insiders", we are all too happy to label those who think differently as "outsiders" in order to prevent our own convictions being placed in perspective, our fixed view of the world becoming unsettled and our carefully-constructed identity being placed in doubt."


  1. That's so cool, Céline, your hand published in a magazine, haha! :) Very great!

  2. the tatoo is even cooler than I have thought!

  3. That's great, Celine, it's a full page in the magazine, can imagine you are happy :-)

  4. das gefällt mir sehr! ein tolles magazin und dein arm mit tatoo macht es noch besser! :-))
    freut mich sehr für dich! lg von mano

  5. Proficiat Céline! Mooi dat je op deze manier een speciale vermelding krijgt in relatie tot het werk van Niki, gezien de speciale gedachte achter deze tattoo, zoals je eerder beschreef!

  6. großartig - ich freu mich für dich! dein niki-arm ist aber auch was ganz besonderes! lg von mano

  7. céline,
    it was disastrous, this confusion blogger ...
    when set up my blogger, I have selected to always get the comments in the email, so they were saved!

    and take this opportunity to thank you for your presence there! ...

    wow! I was happy to see the 'zine Niki' with a photo of your tattoo!
    very cool! I think an exquisite edition!
    very good this text! thanks for sharing!
    a hug ...

  8. Oh wow!!! Your tattoo in the zine of someone you greatly admire... you must be so pleased! Congratulations!!!
    And thank you for sharing some of this marvelous work. It's inspirational. The words about outsider art and why it's labeled so have helped me today more than I can say.
    I'm so glad to know you Celine!!!

  9. wow ich freue mich für dich auch!!! congratulations my dear

  10. I took this one for you :)

  11. Ja cool! Coole Sache, freu ma für disch!


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