Wednesday, April 20, 2011

looking for true Niki fans

3 weeks ago I told you in this post about visiting the exhibition Inside-Out of Niki de Saint Phalle in Schunck*. After visiting this exhibition I e-mailed them a picture of my tattoo and I got a response! They told me they're working on a "Niki zine" (from magazine...), and looking for pictures of  people who are inspired by her work. If they can place my tattoo? Of course I said! And the funny thing is, now is the museum looking for more people with a tattoo of Niki's work. So if you also have a Nana of flesh and blood or if you know anyone or you are just curious, click here!


  1. céline wow!
    that honor, come up with your tattoo!

    hahahha ... I only have shirts that I bought
    in her show here in Sao Paulo! :)))

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  3. Haha, ik had jouw arm met tattoo inderdaad al gespot op de Schunck-(facebook)-site. Leuk!

  4. hej, das ist großartig! hab es bei schunck angesehen - toll!

  5. wohoo! love that!

    btw. thanks for your German/English comment ;) the guys is a total nerd and won't stop telling me to write the Blog in German. pah! the language he used was Hessian, the German dialect of ppl living near Frankfurt.


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