Friday, May 6, 2011

how the birds will sing

Since we live in this house and we have this big garden, I noticed the birds and a started to feed them. Now I do that every morning at 6 different places.... a lot of work, haha! And now I feel really responsible since I red that it's also important to feed them in the spring, because they build their nests and the little ones are born and if you feed hem, they have less work... So now they wait for me in the winter, sping, summer and autumn! There're now so many of them, it becomes a paradise for birds and I think they bring even more friends...


  1. Oh how I'd love to visit your garden, Céline! It seems to me that it's like a paradise garden. I love birds, too. The bird theme is actually in the air for me at the moment. I want to go to a ornithology camp which is for young people. It's next weekend (Friday-Sunday). I feel my family being little bit stressed about the idea of me going there alone. They don't want to let go of me. But I guess..I will still go! I have so much to learn from birds. From all animals, actually.

  2. Oh I almost forgot: I looooooooooooove the drawing!!!

  3. Very nice drawing Céline and very sweet of you to take such good care of your little feathered friends!

  4. very nice this lady with her inviting arm! I hope there are also coming a lot of new little baby birdies. They are so cute. Last year we had a sparrow family with a little baby-sparrow in our garden who came out his home with a wide open pecker. It was so exciting :-)

  5. pretty drawing
    and the dress is awesome!

  6. céline,
    is so good to create this connection with the birds, right?
    certainly they spread the news and friends
    will also join the party! :)


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