Monday, May 23, 2011

Art Tour

From Friday May 27 to Sunday May 29 you can enjoy contemporary art, design, sound and new media art forms in and surrounding the city of Maastricht during the KunstTour (ArtTour) 2011. More than 200 artists will exhibit their work across 60 locations, such as artistic breeding grounds, galleries, studios and art institutions.

The theme of the twelfth ArtTour edition is ‘Language, Sound and Art‘: The borders between poetry, painting and writing fade and disappear when painting poets and writing painters join their creative forces. From Gibberish to Esperanto, my mouth still speaks the tongue of my mother.

So if you live nearby and you have nothing else to do next weekend, it would be nice if you could visit Maastricht. I will probably be there mself so maybe I can meet some of you! You can find my work in the central location:  De Eiffel (Boschstraat 24). Here, the Art Performance Night, the Hermine van Bers award, the Gulpener Puurzaam audience-choice award, the Debate Without an End #3 and the exhibition Neue Positionen take place.

My first attempt to hang the "pippi" portraits ( I will finish hanging them this week):


  1. oh fantastic! that sounds great, love the title, kunst tour :)
    Pippis looks amazing on a wall, totally different look...Have a nice time,
    hope u'll show us photos of the event later :)

  2. I like your "Pippi" paintings! If I were in Europe, I would go see them :) I also love your little sheep. Thanks for visiting my blog...glad you like :)

  3. Ziet er al leuk uit Céline, de hoeveelheid en al die verschillende uitdrukkingen! Veel succes!

  4. 'k Was al zo benieuwd naar je Pippi's, prachtige verzameling! Zou ze graag in't echt zien en jou ook :-) Maastricht is een beetje ver, 't zal er dit keer niet van komen, maar wie weet some other time. Veel plezier met de voorbereiding en de expo.

  5. Ik kom ze bekijken op zondag!!! Ben erg benieuwd naar wat er allemaal te zien is.
    grt, Helmi

  6. ahh .. I wish I could be there
    and have the opportunity to go to KunstTour, meet you in person!
    well, I wish every success!
    and I really enjoyed seeing the "pippi portraits" grouped, are fantastic!

  7. Wow deine Pippe Portraits sind supergut! wünsche dir ne tolle Ausstellung!


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