Tuesday, May 17, 2011

every then and now

Sometimes new ideas can be so easy. You don't have to search for them or stay up all night, trying to come up with something great. It doesn't happen very often that an idea is just there, in your head, and you don't have to think it over, everything is just right about it. I'm working for the exhibition that is coming up and I thought about the mattress of an old bed that is still lying in the attic. And I realized that it has the same pattern that I create in the background for my paintings. The fabric of the mattress is almost the same! It's a great feeling when somthing like this happens, it creates so much new energy. Besides this mattress I have another two, they are all 100 x 65 x 20 cm, so small ones and now I'm making painted objects out of them.
And the funny thing is: last year I wanted to clean the attic and throw stuff away and I'm so glad I was to lazy!


  1. Beautiful pattern.

  2. Great idea! Attics can be so useful :) Are you using the whole mattress or just a piece of the fabric? Good luck!

  3. Ich mag die Typo sehr gern, hat was sehr eigenes vertrautes.

  4. lucky you, you were too lazy :-)


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