Thursday, May 19, 2011

the wonders of my world

I've been tagged by Barbara, owner of the wonderful blog Barbara's dogs and colors, to write seven things about myself. Well, that was a shock but here we go! (hope you still like me afterwards!)

*The first thing has to do with the drawing: say "hi" to my oldest stuffed animal. I got it when I was a baby and I still adore it! It's a sheep, which brings me to the second thing:

* I collect sheep.... I don't know if it has anything to do  with the stuffed animal, but I love sheep and anything that has to do with them....

*I'm a vegetarian for about 14 years.

*I'm allergic to nuts, I get really sick and I have to go to the hospital when I eat them. I go crazy when I think there was a piece in my food. I try to hide my fear  for the people around me.

*I wanted to become a professional dancer, but at the age of sixteen I broke something in my knee and my career as a dancer was over.

*I  work for the post office and bring people their mail to earn some money besides selling my art-work, which is really my job.  But it has one good thing to bring the mail: I have a really good condition!

*I have a crush on the actor John Malkovich ;-)

That's it, hope you enjoyed it and I tag the wonderful Lela and Annton.


  1. So interesting facts about you! That's awful that you can't eat nuts. Great that you carry mail!

  2. hehe great :) i've also enjoyed, specially that part about sheep. i have friend who also collect sheep, well sheep figures. and it's always nice to know some little things about artist you respect. i hope u don't mind i tagged u. :)

  3. das schaf ist soooo schön!!!! man möchte es sofort knuddeln, auch wenn es gemalt ist! ich find schafe auch toll, aber esel und hunde lieb ich noch mehr...
    ich hoffe, es gibt bald ein mittel gegen deine nuss-allergie!!!

  4. Ha Celine, Wat leuk om te lezen, houd je naast schapen ook van lammetjes? dan zal ik je een leuke foto sturen van een oud speelgoedlammetje van ik heb! Je tekening is snoezig het snuitje met z'n ingezakte lijfje ;-)

  5. Leuk om wat meer over je te weten te komen! Ik houd ook van schapen. Zo lekker zichzelf. Wat leuk dat je je knuffelschaap nog hebt. Ik zeg hallo!

  6. céline,
    I loved to know you a little more! :D
    interesting facts, which increased
    my sympathy for you ..

    the link to Barbara is very cool!

  7. I have done it too; thanks for the invitation. Hopefully your art weekend went perfectly fine and full of fun!


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