Saturday, August 10, 2013

me, myself and...

..a giraffe!
This is me about 12 years ago and in my dreadlocks-period, I was still in art school and I had to make something for photography class. We went to a bridge which is over a railway but at that time the railway was closed for trains;-)
We put a swing on the bridge and a ladder underneath it, beacause there was no way that I could get on the swing without a ladder. I put on my mother's wedding dress and started swinging. It was so much fun! My teacher was not impressed.... Anyway, I just found the pictures and the video about this project and wel.... suddenly this giraffe turned up....
Good weekend to you all!


  1. Ok,
    What your teacher needed to be impressed?
    That giraffe talk?
    that's why I do not like criticism or teachers, both sailing in a sea called Relative.
    good weekend, Celine!
    (I have a photo of one of my daughters, wearing wedding dress of her mother, running in a garden chased by a dog, ha ha very funny)

  2. I'm impressed! It's a wonderful setting, the big swing and the fairy tale you, with that hair in that dress. It gives an impression of freedom on a sunny summer evening. Just the place to be for a giraff!

  3. You are very brave, by all means! I would have never climbed a ladder to reach a swing, although I've ever loved swinging... The giraffe emphasizes how high up you have been... A Beauty in the sky!:)

  4. Ich finde das ist ein grossartiges Fotoprojekt, die Giraffe ist genial dazu und da sieht man mal wieder wie wenig man auf die Meinung mancher Professoren oder sonst wem was geben sollte!
    Liebe Grüße

  5. I don't care about this teacher, this is marvelous. one of my teachers once told mde, that grey and pink don't match and I did fail the project. today I know better than that. this picture, your dreads and the giraffe are perfect!

  6. Good fun, celine!
    happy week, -sus

  7. man sollte nicht immer auf die meinung der lehrer hören! mir gefällt es sehr (herrlich: die dreadlocks!!) und die giraffe hat ja die richtige höhe zur schaukel ;-).
    liebe grüße!

  8. hi, hab ich so viel hier verpasst!
    und das Foto ist aber besonders schön und weisst du, jetzt wüsste ich zu gern wie groß du bist...
    tolle Sachen auch in deinen anderen posts.
    auf bald x Stefanie

  9. Not impressed? Really! Too bad for your teacher.


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