Saturday, August 24, 2013

drawing challenge

This weeks host for the drawing challenge is the lovely Nadine and her theme is "Nature". As I saw the invitation for this DC the first part of it was about our collective dream of meeting up and experiencing our weekly drawing challenge live! I was so exhited about this part and that Nadine really thought about it and wants to take it to the next level, that I made this drawing. I don't know you bloggers of the Dc in real live, but I imagine us meeting and having a wonderful time and this drawing could turn into a  group photo;-) I wasn't sure if should post this drawing because the theme is "nature" but then I just gave the girl in the middle a shirt with some colourful, abstract flowers!

Please go to the tinyWoolf blog for more nature, and have a good weekend!


  1. ha ha ha... you have succeeded in having me break out, laughing out loud!
    i love your wit, celine.
    i do think we shall all look like you imagine in a group photo? i just cannot wait!
    abstract flowers are it!
    thanks for playing this weekend!

  2. genial! and I imagine what we will eat ;-)

  3. Hi Celine!!!!!!
    Good idea, good idea. you are seeing the future!
    But I will not be there! :(((((
    t does not matter! there is always the possibility that I send a picture of me, (the actual size) and you sit it at the table and pretend to talk to me :))) and I send also a recording of my voice saying:
    Ha Ha you are the perfect women , i love you all! ;)))) would be kitsch? :)))
    Have a nic weekend my friend!!!!

  4. ;^)))
    what a great idea
    we all are part of nature
    and yes! i am looking forward
    to meet you all and the group photo!

    Patrice A.

  5. Clever - humor must be part of your nature.

  6. ah this is very creative of you
    to express your joy over the thought of getting together
    and sharing
    fun that you added color

  7. Haha! I'm looking forward for the meeting! Let's see if I'll find a shirt with nature print for our group photo until then! I'm sure, we might meet up earlier, Céline... ;o)

  8. I wish there will be that group photo:)

  9. I agree, prospect of meeting up is so exciting! We will live this drawing, right?
    xxoo, sus

  10. Well, the nature lies in all of us, so there is nothing wrong with the three gals and meeting up for real is so exciting and wonderful and I'm looking totally forward to it, I guess we share a similar sense of humor, which will be fun!
    xo Barbara

  11. I agree! this part of the challenge- to meet up! would be so wonderful I would love to be in that group photo :)

  12. Hello,
    Nice to meet you here, totally agree looking forwar for the photo group :)
    Lovely art work!

  13. Celine this is nature spirit. Nature design. I like this 'idea' drawing. Nice! Norma, xo

  14. witty, beautiful you, it's in your nature to present us with a different approach and i love it :) x

  15. so eine tolle idee! ich würde auch gern teil eines gruppenbildes werden!
    liebe grüße von mano


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