Saturday, August 3, 2013

drawing challenge

This weeks host for the drawing challenge is Norma and her theme is "farn". I thought about their big, green leaves and I immediately had to think about a girl holding a fan in front of her face. You know, like in the old days, haha! When it's really hot outside and you saw the women with an attitude blowing cold wind in their faces using a fan. Maybe it's because it's so hot over here at the moment that I had this idea while the theme is a plant....mmmm, that makes me think. Anyway, I just had to draw this girl, holding the leaves and some of the attitude is still there....

For more farn please go to the wonderful blog of Norma!


  1. She is beautiful! The ferns too. Very delicate. She looks a bit like the evil queen in Game of Thrones, forgot her name, but very attitudy person.

  2. your take on a fan gently reminds me of the paris metro, where ladies nowadays still throw them about, trying to find some cool. it'd be nice to develop a fan, reminiscent of a fern, really, it's be lovely.
    your own fern looks real proper!

  3. The green against the black is stunning. You have captured green-ness, and the lacy-ness too! What a visual you have created for us. Your view of things is the most unique Celine! I love your work. N, xo

  4. Your fern girl has attitude, Celine - that is one intense gaze!-sus

  5. ;^))

    fan and fern
    you made me smile
    with this fine drawing!

    Patrice A.

  6. ah, such a wonderful drawing
    i love how words and things like ferns
    inspire thoughts and creativity
    like this piece

  7. She is great! I love fern, but it drives crazy our cat...
    Warm greetings from the Southwest of France!


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