Monday, January 23, 2012

play with me

Maybe you remember that I'm a big fan of the work Niki de Saint Phalle, so yesterday me made a little trip to Brühl (Germany) to the Max Ernst Museum. It's the first and only museum worldwide dedicated to the large oeuvre of Max Ernst (1891-1976). It offers a review of his versatile work in a permanent exhibition. And now you can see a retrospective of the work of De Saint Phalle, concentrated on her early works, called "Spiel mit mir" (play with me). It is a small exhibition, they didn't had a lot of her work, mostly drawings, some paintings and assemblages. But it was still nice to see it: how she started to work and still had to find her way.


  1. Great! I've been in her park in Tuscany. A big garden full of her work, backyards and towers... Very impressive!

  2. ich würde gern mitspielen...!

  3. wat leuk dat je daar heen bent gegaan! fascinerend beeld.

  4. even though a small show, should have been great!
    "Spiel mit mir" is pretty cool ... Niki always encourages us!


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