Tuesday, January 10, 2012

waiting for a sign or two

I finished the new drawing I was working on. This one is also a bit different then the ones before, I think. You can't see the weapon she used or what the situation is: is she getting orders, or giving orders, is she looking at what she just has done or planning to do?
What do you think?


  1. LOVE it, Céline! I really really like it. It's probably my favourite of all the Pippi drawings you've made! I love the dress, I'd like to wear it myself, haha. :D And the pose is cool. I now wonder what this Pippi had in mind...

  2. She is getting angry, I think! Thinking hard...

  3. eine sehr selbstbewusste pippi!
    ich denke, sie sagt gerade jemandem, was er zu tun oder zu lassen hat - oder beschwert sich darüber, dass dumme jungs ständig auf den boden spucken... (ha,ha..).
    diese pippi ist wieder ganz wundervoll gezeichnet und sogar von hinten ganz, ganz eindrucksvoll!
    großartig, céline!

  4. erg goed, prachtige veelzeggende houding, kan inderdaad van alles zijn...

  5. joepieeee ik heb je kaartjes ontvangen :) heel erg bedankt :)

  6. Knap hoor, ze lijkt mij inderdaad boos. Je vraagt je af wat ze ziet. Goed gedaan!

  7. She's got attitude! Fabulous rendering of body-language!! :)

  8. the first thing I thought was what was the gun she had now !?...
    I think she is giving one or two orders ... she is in command
    and yet to do! that suspense!

    I loved the body language and drawing all!

    ah ... and socks are the most

  9. Mooi weer Céline! Heel spannend en mooi hoe je met minder meer verteld. Love Lies


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