Thursday, January 26, 2012

if tention is too low

I finished a new drawing. I'm not sure what she is thinking, she could be shocked by herself that she actually is going to throw that thing, or that she is not trowing it. Maybe she is surprised.

One last picture of the exhibition my drawings where in. All the Pippi's are home again.


  1. oh Celine, you are fantastic! I love to see your works all together in this exposition, very best congratulation, you have a great style, I love it

  2. Wat komen goed uit in zo'n grote ruimte prachtig!

  3. 'k Hoop ze echt nog eens in het echt te zien, echt bijzonder, Celine!

  4. wow! the newest Pippi! she is great!
    I think she is not ready to use it
    ... she wants to join the others !

  5. Hello Céline; thank you for finding yourself for me. Probably sounds strange, but I remember visiting your blog sometime during the last couple of years. I remember my amazement with your large scale drawings, and fell head over heals in love with your Pippi (a hero of mine). So - thank you!
    And yes, I share your love for Anntons work, of course.
    Lilli :)

  6. die ausstellung muss toll gewesen sein!
    die neue pippi ist, glaub ich, wirklich ein bisschen über sich selbst entsetzt! soll ich oder soll ich nicht...?

  7. FABULOUS! As always! I love your work.

    Sorry for my absence... but I'm glad to be back viewing.

  8. I love them all Céline, great work!


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