Saturday, March 15, 2014

drawing challenge

This weeks host for the Dc is Kristen and her theme is "connection". As you might have noticed I like to draw people  ;-) so I'm mostly interested in connections between people. And the weird thing is that I not thought of the deeply connection you can have with someone but that sometimes you are just disconnected for a while. Even if you belong together you feel that the other one is on a different level.

It makes me feel uncomfortable if I notice this with strangers. You see two people, they belong together but they are not connected at all. I don't mean the ones who are having a fight, that is a different story. It looks like they are on a different planet, no threads of connection, but still….

For -I hope some more positive than mine- connections please visit the wonderful blog of Kristen! Have a good weekend!


  1. haha! zeer herkenbaar!!
    je tekening maakt me blij
    (die opgetrokken wenkbrauw!)
    maar eigenlijk is het triest
    samen maar niet verbonden, hm....

    Patrice A.

  2. you have expressed the lack of connection in your art gorgeously! well done. a joy to see!

  3. Celine, you are right about connections sometimes only being for a moment or two. AND I know just how uncomfortable one feels when a disconnection is viewed/felt. A few months ago there was a young couple sitting on the same side of the table, eating their meal together, obviously out on a date. Once they put their forks down they both reached for their cell phones. I watched them quickly disconnect from each other in a matter of seconds. I almost got up and shook them....... Have a great week! xo Carole

  4. Celine, is it not strange, that everything that connects people, also disconnect people?
    for example (and I see it in your picture) Eyes,
    You see two people looking at each other, they are friends, or they love each other, they look at each other, they say something with eyes, they connect each other, and you see it, you realize it.
    The same two people are upset, they fought, their eyes look for different places, do not want to even look at each other.
    The eyes connect and disconnect...

    Your women are beautiful, as always!
    Good Sunday to you! :)

  5. All that is so true. The disconnection of people is sad. And the unexpected connection with people, like via DC, is just wonderful!! Leena

  6. manchmal gehen trennungen schneller als man es erwartet! oft bemüht man sich aber auch nicht mehr um den anderen, das finde ich schade! wie carole schreibt, ist oft das handy wichtiger als das reden!
    deine zeichnung ist wieder wunderbar, man kann soviel darin lesen!
    liebe grüße, mano

  7. Really well done, and so true. Reminds me of the time Chloe and I were in Starbucks, which was full of people looking at their phones or screens and no one said a word. Chloe was so uncomfortable she started whispering to talk to me. Sad, really, isn't it?

  8. I was hoping there would be a dis-connect post and yours is terrific Celine :) your figures are always wonderful the line quality is super- and I love their expressions...I think most of us feel disconnected at times so it's really a natural thing- just as feeling connected is.
    Hope you have a great week and thanks for playing along :)

  9. I like the dimension you add to the discussion. It is spot on (and I appreciate your people-watching acumen)!

  10. i dig that, you can sometimes sense it when people are disconnected and you wonder why, or how? on a different level i take it to heart it is okay to disconnect, when the relationship is getting too tough. it's a multi faceted theme, no less.... n♥


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