Saturday, March 1, 2014

drawing challenge

This weeks host for the drawing challenge is Ariane and her theme is "vase".  My feeling immediately with this theme was: I love vases! I just bought a vintage one which I really like. But my problem is to put flowers in them. The first thing is that I like flowers but I find it a bit sad to put them inside in water because they have to be outside, to grow in nature. So I don't buy them myself very often. I like to plant  seeds though and grow them myself. But once in a while someone buys me flowers and then I have this second problem and that is why I made this drawing. I can't seem to put in flowers nicely in vases! The flowers are to big, to small or the vase is to big or to small. To little flowers for my vase, to many flowers to fit in the vase and so on. It looks sad or just to a bit okay. The best thing is when someone buys me flowers and they are already in a vase, haha, perfect! So that is what the drawing is about: a big vase with to little flowers. Not in a nice design way which you see sometimes, but in a "I try but I can't help myself" way.

For more vases go to the blog of Ariane, she makes the most wonderful pictures!


  1. ooh, i do understand dear Celine, i have a problem with bringing flowers from the vase to the compost heap while they are not completely faded and dead so sometimes i have some weird bouquets in my house because not every flower fades in a graceful way.

    i just had a look at your previous posts, great work Celine,i really like what you are doing there, x

  2. Celine, such a cheerful image you have created for this challenge.
    I feel the same way about flowers so I often pick the ones falling over in my garden. They last longer in the vase than they would lying in the dirt or getting their heads chopped off by the indifferent mower (both the machine and the man!). xo Carole

  3. Flowers are always nice. Outside, inside, in a vase too small or too big, is not important. Flowers make you dance. Your vase is dazzling, the flowers are perfect. Their shadow makes this piece very interesting!

  4. yes a conundrum I often find myself in and I kind of giggle along reading your post- but you know
    I realized that the flower is not the most critical part to the plant...the main part of the plant lives on even when the flower is removed.
    I love your pretty vase and feel it's a great compromise no?!

  5. I think when you cut a flower is almost as if you believed that you have the power to decide if this plant will give new plants or not. And if that plant was the last of its kind left on the planet?
    Of course, it is a plant, it is a flower, little thing ... (someone tell you, not me)
    I like what you wrote, and I like your vase with three flowers!
    Good week, Celine!

  6. just fine though, the i-can't-help-myself fase...! and on bringing cut flowers in... i console myself a little on the fact the tulip grows on in the vase, so she must like it a little? i just really like how flowers ornament our homes, and afterwards, on the compost heap... they do what plants do anyway. they get born again, in different form. your vase has high potential though! n♥

  7. haha, das problem kenne ich!! ich hab unmengen an vasen, aber nie passt eine wirklich gut zu den blumen, die ich grad aus dem garten hole oder die ich gekauft habe! dann verteile ich sie meistens auf verschiedene kleine vasen, dann sieht es wieder witzig aus.
    dein bild finde ich super!!
    liebe grüße!

  8. ;^))
    ik hou niet van 'perfecte' boeketten in een vaas
    liever drie bloemen in een te kleine vaas!
    maar het liefst pluk ik ze zelf in de pluktuin bij de boerderij
    eenjarige die alleen maar meer bloemen geven als je plukt ;^))



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