Saturday, March 17, 2012

welcome in 2012

Yesterday I bought a new mobile phone. "So what", you might think, but for me it was a big deal. I never in my live bought a phone. In 2003 I moved to Switzerland for 3 years and my mother didn't like the idea that she couldn't reach me in the train during travelling. So she bought me a phone. I used that old phone until yesterday. People would start to laugh if they saw it, but I call it vintage, haha! And as I told you before, my mother passed away, so this phone became important for me, because it was a thing that showed that my mother cared about me (off course she did!). But now it started to fall apart, I didn't get phonecalls or messages so it became annoying. Well....I had to get a new one. And if I had to, I thought by myself, I might go from vintage to smartphone. So now I'm sitting here trying to figure it out and my Teddy is taking care of my old phone.  Good I still have my Teddy.... I might as well keep the old phone;-)


  1. Nothing better than a woman to understand how to operate a new phone!!! :)
    I have confidence in you Céline. go ahead!
    and besides, you had time to show this beautiful (and very well drawn) picture
    do not spend much money on calls!!!!!!!!!! :D

  2. mooie tekening, mooi verhaal! aandoenlijk ook, Teddy met de oude "koelkast", moet je ZEKER bewaren!

  3. Absolutely the best phone story I have read!
    It makes sense that you held onto your 'vintage' phone for so long, the one your mother gave you. Change is the only constant and now you have a new phone.
    I still haven't upgraded to a smart phone, but when my current phone bites the dust, I'll remember your wonderful story and perhaps upgrade. Raggedy Andy can take care of the old one.
    Fantastic drawing!

  4. Erg mooie tekening Céline en weredrom een speciaal verhaal vol gevoel. Succes met de nieuwe telefoon en de oude blijft een mooei herinnering!

  5. ha,ha, ich hab auch noch so ein vintage-teil - während schon alle 1ojährigen mit i- und smartphones etc tausend apps herunterladen, im interet surfen unentweg simsen aber nicht mehr mit teddys spielen. wie schade!! aber im april werd ich es dir gleichtun und mich auch an einem so neumodischen teil probieren.
    viel erfolg - und gruß an teddy!

  6. I loved this drawing!!

    quite understand - I am reluctant to swap some of my 'vintage'..
    just because carry our history, but always have a special place
    to keep and watch them!

  7. just bought a new phone too. my phone was snatched last week and i wasn't worrying about having no phone at all --- just to miss it this week, so i bought a new one and realized, it's not the phone itself i miss --- it's the saved messages in my old phone that still carries messages from 2006! ^_^


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