Thursday, March 1, 2012

the way to the sun

March arrived and the news promised us some more sun. I like winter time: dark evenings, snow, candles and all that, but not the time between two seasons.  The last two weeks it has been very gray and rainy, but not cold anymore. Just so-so-and no more... I'm ready for some more colours, flowers, spring and the sun! And I hope we will get some of it this weekend so we can spend some time outside, enjoying the warmth on our faces.


  1. Hello C. Do you know that here, summer is going little by little
    and this summer has been very hot!
    I like the winter too, my body works in winter. I like to breathe the cold air, I like to put wood on the fire, I like the snow. I like winter clothes.
    I like the summer for a vacation sunbathing, but not to work.
    I like your illustration
    Do you know what I see?
    a maze, you enter through the eyes
    and begin to explore it by the hair, dress, legs (well drawn)
    and end up in a big city, where you see the windows of buildings with blue lights lit.
    Sorry, a thousand times,for this absurd interpretation :(
    I see a beautiful woman too!!!!!!!
    Maybe the Sun!!!!!!!!! :)

  2. ich mag den winter nur im dezember. sonst möchte ich gerne immer mai bis oktober haben... na ja, im märz kann es auch schon schön sein und heute ist ja schon der 1. märz, und im garten sprießen krokusse und die ersten narzissen lugen hervor. ich freu mich sehr auf den frühling und über dein schönes bild! liebe grüße von mano

  3. I’m waiting for some sunny skies too! I wish we could bottle it in summer; honestly i’d open a bottle of sunshine right now if i could. I love the simplicity of the illustration. it’s stunning.
    x sandra

  4. Me too! I love your drawing here. She appears to be sitting on a wall enjoying the sunshine... perhaps she will visit the museum.

  5. Today the woman next door told me, with a sweet smile, "spring is coming". I smiled back, and I know it's true, but all I can see now is wet, gray weather...
    Is the girl in your illustration waiting for something?

  6. fascinerende jurk en ja, graag de zon!

  7. well illustrated this sense of middle term!


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