Friday, January 6, 2012

everywhere I go

Early in december I gave these stickers of one of my drawings away. I never told you why I made them and for what I will use them. I planned to start a small Pippi invasion. I want them to appear all over town. I started in the city Heerlen where at the moment the exhibition is where you can see my drawings. Maybe someone who visited the exhibition will notice a sticker and wonder...


  1. WOW, amazing idea! I admire you and your creativity!! :) I'd love to see your sticker in my town (wait a minute...I got an idea! But I'm probably too shy to make it...). I have seen stickers like these in Tartu before. I've always thought that they're pretty cool. They suit well on metal posts!

  2. haha, wat een goed idee, een Pippi invasie :-)

  3. super idee!
    mein pippi-sticker klebt nur an meiner tür... leider hier keine invasion!

  4. Oh my! What a brilliant idea! A Pippi invasion!

  5. Oh cool! that's great, an invasion of Pippi!
    certainly those who have eyes to see ....
    will see!

  6. lovley, i love those street intervention. occupy the street celine!!! :)


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