Sunday, November 27, 2011

early December give-away

Today is the first advent. I actually don't know if you all celebrate that or in which country you do.  In that case here a small explanation: the Christmas season officially begins with advent, it's the month before christmas day. Advent begins four sundays before christmas. By definition, "advent" means arrival.
I made stickers of my first Pippi-drawing. In about two weeks I will show you what I have done with them. And because it's advent I would like to give some of them away as a "thank you" for all your nice comments!
I hold the same rules as the last give-away: Normally I have between 4 and 14 comments on one of my posts, so I give about 15 stickers away. If you want one, leave a comment and I contact you for your address.


  1. Oh I love the stickers so much!! Pretty please... :)

    And I loved what you said about advents.

  2. "mein" weihnachten hat heute auch begonnen: plätzchen, kerzen, tee, weihnachtsdekoration, tannen- und buchsbaumzweige. schön ist es schon geworden. jetzt fehlt mir nur noch ein türkranz.
    einen sticker würde ich natürlich sehr gern bekommen - ich bin ja ein großer pippi-fan! nächste woche zeige ich dir eine von einem anderen künstler!
    viele liebe grüße von mano

  3. The stickers look great! Pippi was my biggest idol growing up, I wanted to be her. Maybe that's why I dye my hair bright orange as an adult?

  4. I already have received a pippy postcard from you, so with this sticker it almost will be a collection :-)

    I'm curious what you have done with these stickers, you are so good in making me curious...

  5. I want one! I need one! They are awesome!

  6. céline,
    yes we are already advent - I studied in Catholic school and necessarily shared in the preparations for Christmas. It was boring, but now realize that it was important to my formation ...

    I love your Pippi! I like the irreverence of them!
    the search for balance in everything in life,
    a good dose of irreverence is essential!
    a hug

  7. bedankt, Celine, voor de stickers en de kaart, 'k haalde ze net uit mijn postvak. Ze zien er goed uit, jij ook een fijne tijd natuurlijk :-)

  8. May be I am too late but I hope you had a lovely christmas with your family and wishing you all the best und lots of success for 2012!


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