Tuesday, August 2, 2011

silly sorrow part 4

Just another cabinet I would like to show you. I like this one because I love to sit on the couch and read a book. I just find it very difficult to take the time to do that kind of things. I feel like I always have to do something: draw, work, clean the house or whatever. I really have to practise to take time for me and to do nothing at all. That's why this cabinet is called "all the noise".


  1. Sweet! That's what I also like to do.

  2. so pretty, the cabinet! and meaningful to me
    for the same reasons you spoke; I feel always doing something, I do not want to be doing...
    this drawing is very good!

  3. exactly what calls me today, but I cannot follow. playful seriousness. great!

  4. füg doch das wort "faulenzen" zu deiner sammlung hinzu! ich finde es nämlich großartig, faul sein zu dürfen!
    und deine bilder finde ich alle wundervoll!


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