Tuesday, January 11, 2011

preview on my new painting

yesterday I worked on my new painting. Although I do have a easel, I like working on the floor. It's not very good voor my back or knees. I tried to work with the canvas on the easel, but it seems impossible at the moment. It's my favourite way to paint so I have to deal with the uncomfortable position. As I write it down it's sounds like a very conflicting way of working, haha. Anyway, I hope I can finish this painting this week.


  1. Looks wonderful already! I know it can be quite hard to work on a painting on the floor, but I like it too!

  2. I love your Red Head! About the Easel, it is the same with we; the floor seems to give me more freedom. Sometimes though I like having the canvas straight up. It always depends on the topic abd the paint I am using.

  3. Heerlijk, ik werk ook op de grond of plat op een grote tafel. Als ik met kinderen werk doe ik dat ook vaak op de grond, ze vinden dat heel gewoon!
    Ziet er mooi uit, ik ben benieuwd.
    grt, Helmi

  4. It indeed looks wonderful already! Funny, I just watched the dvd Seraphine on Sunday and she worked on the floor too ... with great results, so you're in good company! :-)

  5. Thanks for the nice comments!
    Annton: at the moment I'm always working on the floor, no matter what kind of paint, even if I could put the canvas straight up.
    Rodney: I saw that movie maybe two years ago, I forgot that she works on the floor too: so nothing to worry about!

  6. Love that hair! Nothing wrong with using the floor at your easel. My dad built me an art table when I was a kid, but I still preferred to do all my drawing on my bed.

  7. oh ...
    is nice to see this painting in progress!


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