Tuesday, April 1, 2014

request: underwater...

Because so many of you asked for my underwater pictures I search for them. Then I realized that maybe you thought I had beautiful pictures of an underwater world with nice fish and a coral reef or something like that… But I never was in such places to take such photo's so I have to disappoint you if that is what you expected. We always just had fun taking pictures of each other and because of the cheap camera's we had (just use one time) you are never really sure what kind of pictures you get. Is the person on it or not. So I selected two pictures of me which aren't that explicit or with weird swimming moves, so sorry for that: I self-censorshiped-me ;-) This picture was taken in Spain in a lake and the picture below in Finland. So you can really see the difference in light. The best pictures of course you get in a swimming pool but that is not so much fun. You always see the tiles or stuff like that. Hope you  still enjoy this post ;-)


  1. Excellent! Celine! I will say that I really did not expect pictures in tropical seas, with goldfish (or menacing shark, ha ha!). These pictures are perfect!
    Good week for you! :)
    PS: That bubble in your eyebrow seems a piercing :)

    1. Hi Roberto, it is a piercing ;-) I had one at that time, not anymore.

    2. Ja Ja ok!!!!!!! one of my daughters has one in the nose! :)

  2. Hey, Celine these are terrific, and just what I was expecting from your artistic realm!
    Thanks for finding them. They are surreal!

  3. I did expect exactly what I see; your very individual and strong language of poetry.

  4. Dear Celine,
    great pics! remind me on baby swimming :-) you look so happy!

    May I invite you to the next theme of the dc? I am your host with *nest*.


  5. O wat een leuke foto's! En wat een leuke gewoonte, of spel, om dat te doen!

  6. das sieht schön aus, besonders dein lächeln auf dem zweiten foto!

  7. total cool! super dass du die rausgekramt hast - so eine kamera muss mit in unsern bus...


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