Saturday, April 5, 2014

drawing challenge

This weeks host for the drawing challenge is Ariane and her theme is "Nest". Last week I thought a lot about my mother, she would have turned 60 years old this week. It not that I'm mostly sad, I think a lot about beautiful thinks (luckily!) And at the same time I get a bit melancholic: thinking about times that never come back. Not only the special moments but at the same time the small things. Things that you never think about when it happens. I think I just mean life ;-) Of those moments you almost never take pictures. This is what this theme made me think about: leaving and changing your nest. This drawing shows my sister and mother more then 12 years ago I think. My sister loved to make crossword-puzzles and she sits at the kitchen table while my mother finishes her lunch after coming home from work. I made this drawing 7 years ago. Sometimes I wish I could go back in time to this old nest…

For more nesting (problems;-) please visit the wonderful blog of Ariane! And I wish you all a nice weekend.


  1. how wonderful that you made a drawing of this memory
    a nest with your heart in it, the simple moment in life can be the best
    a feeling of home

  2. mag ich sehr gern deine gedanken zum nest thema und die zeichnung ist ein bisschen merkwürdig - ich meine, die hat eine besondere atmosphäre, die frau (deine mutter) schaut irgendwo hin, so weit weg - als würde sie schon auf die zeit, von der du sprichst, zurücksehen.
    irgendwie so.
    x stefanie

  3. Celine, the human mind is designed to remember, but not all. I often try to remember the times spent with my three daughters and son when they were little cildren, (33-30-25. Today)
    And I fail to do so, I fail, i cant remember the simple momments.
    and have been many, many times together .
    I think I have an overview of all that time spent with them, and I know it was good, I know it , because they love me and I love them.
    and I guess that jthe same happens to you with to your mother,
    It's just life, like you said.
    This is a good drawing, I see you're a good artist since you were a little girl, because 12 years ago, you were a little girl! :)
    Bye, Celine, good weekend for you!

  4. you know, celine? melancholy is just so unavoidable, and we better deliver, because if not, it just comes out akwardly in another way. i've been sailing on melancholic waters, it doesn't seem to stop, at all, and the times i just let go and go with that damned flow, are the best.
    our memories make us. x n♥

  5. Dear Céline,
    wonderful scene of intimacy... you have convey that feeling. Both immersed, sitting at the kitchentable, with boiler in the background. Great (deep) drawing.

    You carry that nest with you, Dear.

    Thank you very much for sharing. Love.
    xo Ariane.

  6. Equally strong emotionally, and graphically dear friend. The color of the blue plate and that gadget on the wall just nail me to the spot. It might be an electrical thing. If it is a cuckoo clock. forgive me. HA! I love this post so much. Beautiful tender sentiment for us all to relate to. Norma, x

  7. Your drawing really comes alive by this personal memory.

  8. yes the past becomes a nest in it's own way right -especially when there is grief involved, a safe place to lay ones head for awhile- and yet here we are going forward in time- there is something about perspective, and gratitude I feel from this drawing- it's sparse and yet fully present in a moment- like a photo- it makes me feel many different things.
    Best to you Dear Celine :) hugs!

  9. your words and drawing ring a bell for me, Celine, as I help my parents move from a home and way of life they have enjoyed together so many years. Bittersweet.

  10. ein solches nest gab es mit meinem vater auch einmal. er ist gestorben als ich 26 war und ich habe viele bilder in meinem kopf gespeichert. momente, an die ich so gern zurückdenke und ja, einige davon gern wieder hätte.
    danke für dein bild und deine worte!

  11. wat een fijne tekening
    het zijn juist die momenten die ik koester
    de gewone, alledaagse, die je zo makkelijk vergeet
    ik noem ons huis, ons thuis, ons nest
    en voor mij heeft het woord nest iets melancholisch
    net als jouw tekening


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