Saturday, April 12, 2014

drawing challenge

This weeks host for the DC is Tammie and her theme is "hat/cap". I thought about it and I wanted to show you one of my paintings where I used bunny-ears as a cap or something with the hair of Pippi Longstocking as in my drawings. You can all these things see as a cap or hat, but at the same time I found it a bit boring. So I thought I take this as a chance to show you a sneak-peek of the way I draw or sketch. It is a drawing with pencil I never finished and I never turned it into a painting, but who knows…
So this is a sketch of two sexy pigs dancing with nice hats. Can you hear the music? I can almost see how they are taking their hats of ;-) The second picture is a computer drawing of the same image where I wanted to try something with color and then didn't like it i think. The different ways I work this is…

If you still want to see bunny ears or pippi-hair, click on the links "drawing" or "painting" under labels on the right.
For more hats/caps go to the blog of Tammie where beauty flows!


  1. oh gawd, who knew pigs dancing in hats could be so sexy! loving it! i am also joining in this week now i have got to grips with how the drawing challenge works xx have a gorgeous weekend xxxxx

  2. Jemig, ze zijn hot!! Die drawing challenge ga ik nog uitzoeken, lijkt me wel wat. Fijn weekend

  3. intriguing combination, I don't think I have ever thought about pigs dancing quite like that.

    have a great day.

  4. i so enjoy seeing sketches, work unfolding, thank you for sharing that.
    i love what Lissa said, i have never though of pigs dancing sexy either, makes if fun for sure.

    thank you for joining us!

  5. I feel like I should be offended...but I'm smiling instead, I wonder what that means :)
    This is a lot of fun Celine- and your drawing process is wonderful to see!

  6. Most interesting process, Celine. Enjoy the week ahead!

  7. Hi, Celine. Well, I'll tell you I'm an old guy, you know, and I like most (always) a drawing done by hand, and not a drawing done with the computer, (even with the stylus)
    although, I'm not so closed mind as to not realize that the virtual drawing is a modern way of expression. But ... I feel it cold...
    I like to see, some human "imperfection" in a drawing or a painting (for example, the red color in the bodice of your top drawing, stained color)
    Anyway both seems very good as you make a good painting! :)))

  8. Makes me think of Orwell's Animal Farm.
    A sexier version :)
    It's really fun but there's also something dark about it, I like it a lot, Celine.


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