Tuesday, April 15, 2014


I started a new shop! And I like it! I just thought that it would be a great idea to use the illustrations I made for my new works. They are digital and perfect to print. Of course it is something different then the original works and therefor I changed the illustrations and gave the girls names. If you look carefully the "DreamGirl" for example is also a statement because of the chain.  There are only a few images up there for sale, soon more, but you can already now get your own t-shirt, bag or print with one of my illustrations!  Click here or check out the link on the right where now a banner for this shop is. Hope you like it!
And if you want to read something more about me, click here. My art was featured by Kettlepottracks


  1. Céline, I like them a lot. And even more your subtle way of humor. Let's rock this society6 world!

  2. plaatsvervangend trots!

    fijne dagen!!


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