Saturday, March 29, 2014

drawing challenge

This weeks host for the DC is Patrice and her theme is "water". The only thing I can say about water is that I love it! Water has a magic attraction to me. I love the sea, lakes and I just love to swim in them. Unfortunately I do this way to little. A swimming pool would do it but my skin can't handle the chemicals in it very well. So why didn't I make a drawing of this? Well, I do have some happy-water-drawings but still I choose this one because I think water becomes and already is a problem on this planet. And especially clean water. It has become big business to sell us clean water and large company's are making money with it over the heads of people. Did anyone see the documentary "Bottled water" about the company Nestle? You should….  

Anyway, I tried to find some on my under-water pictures, I couldn't find them in time, but maybe I'll post one later this week, for the fun of it. Did you ever try that? Buying a camera you can use under water. Not a expensive one, one you can only use one time. It is so much fun, especially the results ;-)

Thanks Patrice for this theme and you should sure check out her blog! Also for some more water.


  1. Thank you for the fine and joyful image! I do feel sad and worried about the condition of the water system as well. Leena

  2. I would love to see some of your under water pics - but this drawing is very interesting, too, with your words about the water problem... hm.
    anyway have a fine weekend x Stefanie

  3. As Stefanie say, I want to see that photos!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    YES, the problem is not water, the problem is human being that polluter; wasted, and despises care pure water
    in the south of my country, you can see beautiful scenery with forests and lakes ... and many of them are in the process of water pollution, and are in national parks, which occurs on the coast of lakes cities grow, and ... and ... and ... you know the story
    Thanks Celine, your art, fantastic as always. Have a nice week!!!!!!!!

  4. wonderfully expressive drawing! full of feeling.
    water is indeed precious, caring for all life is essential, odd that this is not understood at the deepest level. water, air earth, more precious that gold and diamonds.

  5. Water is a precious resource. Love the painting.
    Jacqui x

  6. you are right of course, making an alarming point on water.
    and now dig up those photos, you make us very curious!

  7. Nice painting! Love the colors.

  8. Water is something seriously lacking in so much of the world, you are right Celine. The right to clean water should be the birthright of all people. Thanks for this post. (and I agree with Nadine, we want to see those water photos)!

  9. dein bild passt so gut zu deinen worten! ich habe einen ausschnitt aus dem film gesehen. diese großkonzerne sind ätzend!!
    deine unterwasserbilder würde ich zu gern sehen!
    liebe grüße von mano

  10. Dein Bild ist wieder mal sehr klasse und du hast so Recht mit dem was du über Wasser und den Mißbrauch damit schreibst, das wird noch mal ein grosses Problem. Solche Unterwasserkameras hatte ich auch schon, ist irgendwie immer ein Spaß damit - ich liebe nämlich Wasser auch über alles!
    liebe Grüße barbara bee

  11. This is an intriguing painting Celine- in a way it is disturbing- it makes me feel trapped - which is probably in tune with what your words convey- and rightly so!
    I too would love to see the underwater photos :) and may post some of my own...if I can find them

  12. that is why i choose the theme
    it's so common here, but it's not
    and like the others
    yes! show us the pictures!!!

    Patrice A.


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