Saturday, February 1, 2014

that's me

I while ago I was ask by "Sis and So" if I wanted to talk about what I do. They give creative (dutch) people who started a business, webshop or make things the opportunity to talk about that and they post it on their blog. They started this project and the goal is to post every day for one year a new post. You also have to send them a picture of you…. I don't do that often, I mostly send a drawing of myself, haha! But that would be to different from the other people who take part. So I managed to found a way to show something of myself… So this saturday it is my turn on the blog, you can click HERE but unfortunately it is only in dutch. So I give you something extra: some of the pictures who didn't make it and were you can see some more of me and my workplace. Have a good weekend!


  1. finalement!
    geht doch ;-)
    also ich mag Fotos von KünstlerInnen an ihrem Platz bei der Arbeit - soooooooo interessant und neugierbefriedigend, vielen 1000 Dank!
    nice weekend x Stefanie

  2. wundaerbar! I always love to see other artists at work, in your case, it is even more of a pleasure. thank you for sharing!

  3. Hi Celine! I congratulate you. Thank god there is Google Translator JA JA I think, although the link is in Dutch, I understood perfectly
    I also love your workplace, good light, I think you have a vision of the city through your window, right?
    I love that feeling of seeing everything going on out there, as if you were a spectator of life of others (voyeur? Haha), No, I really do not care the privacy of individuals, but i like to observe their behavior in society, is inspiring
    OK, you have a nice weekend!
    I congratulate you on your new home!

  4. Hocherfreut! Kannst Dich eindeutig sehen lassen, also kein Grund mehr, sich zu verstecken! ;o))
    Wir schauen Dir gerne öfter beim arbeiten über die Schulter!

  5. hallo!!!
    leuk jou te zien
    en je werkplek!
    fijn veel ramen, lekker licht


  6. herzlichen Glückwunsch für das Interview, ich wünschte ich könnte es lesen, aber dafür kann ich deine Fotos ansehen und ich finde sie ganz, ganz toll und es ist schön, mal so eine kleine Ecke von dir zu sehen!
    Liebe Grüße
    Barbara bee

  7. Terrific solution, Celine!
    I know I like to see where artists work. They will too.
    Happy week to you. xo Carole

  8. ich freu mich, dich bei der arbeit zu sehen - ich mag blicke in arbeitszimmer! und herzlichen glückwunsch zum interview, mein übersetzer hat es mir eingedeutscht!
    liebe grüße von mano

  9. Very light, neat and organized! Perfect!


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