Friday, February 14, 2014

if you show you show

I don't like to celebrate valentine, I think it is to commercial and it is much more a surprise if you get a gift or card by surprise and not on an specific date (accept for your birthday of course ;-)  And in the shops you see this weird mix of sweet stuff you can buy, mostly with cute bears or other animals or the sexy things for the ladies. It gets really strange if you see them mixed together… Maybe you have noticed that I don't draw a lot of cute bears so I go for the sexy lady. Whatever you do today or this weekend, I hope you enjoy yourself, valentine or not!

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  1. Not a single comment!!!!
    Celine's friends where are you to say that this is a wonderful illustration???!!!!!!
    OK, Celine, here in my country is still 14, I believe in you country, Valentine's day is already ended.
    And even if you do not celebrate it, I hope you've spent a beautiful day with your beloved man. Valentine, or not Valentine, we must celebrate love, and the best way to do so is loving
    good weekend, Celine!


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