Monday, January 27, 2014

like a thread

So this weekend I started something new. A test with some vintage, crotchet coasters (if that is the correct word…) You know: you can use them for your coffee-table or so,  you find them mostly in older peoples home ;-) I prepared them with wallpaper glue so they can't bend anymore. I let them dry and then started to decorate them with thread and yarn. It is a little project for our new home, but I also got some inspiration for my own work. Lets see….maybe…this turned out to be a bit more work then I thought, as always. So you have to wait for the final results, have a good week all of you!


  1. Oh ja, toll! Mit Spitze wollte ich auch immer schon mal experimentieren. Ich bin jetzt schon gespannt auf mehr!! Gefällt mir schon super, mit dem orange!

  2. sehr gespannt, ich ;)
    herzliche montagsgrüße!

  3. cool!
    das macht die Nachbarn neidisch, musste aufpassen ;-)
    happy monday x Stefanie

  4. Hey, great idea!!! obviously this can be interesting for your art!! everything serve for us, only we must to experiment, suddenly PUM! something new appears! I am convinced about this!!!
    You said that we can find this, in older's people home... in my home there is none! ;)))) ha ha.
    kiss for you Cèline!!

  5. Love this, Celine. I use vintage doiley's in my textiles. Food for thought!
    Jacqui x

  6. ich bin sehr gespannt!!
    liebe grüße von mano


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