Monday, February 17, 2014


What do you think? First piece in this new series is ready. It's difficult to take a good picture, just to be sure: the words are "I said don't worry it's not going to hurt". I'm not sure about the thread, if I should leave it that way. I think I decide that when I made some more of these drawings.
I wish you all a good start in this new week!


  1. very nice, like the threads, really make a nice touch on a illustration. I would leave them like that, makes a nice symbolic

  2. OK Dear great artist (woman) ;)
    This is great! I love it!!!!
    Although the size is small, is very strong!
    I love the combination of image and text!
    I guess, if this work had a height of one meter (or more, as you usually work) and you sew the words with a thread obviously larger diameter. The visual impact would be multiplied to infinity. You imagine this picture, (women, natural size) strategically located at the entrance of an art show? Oh. I would be paralyzed at her!
    Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!! (and dont be angry by nonsense words of a stupid man, who call him artist? himself?) have a nice week!!!!!!!!

  3. Wow! This is great, Celine! I really like it and I like the thread hanging down like this! I also can imagine it as a big natural version like roberto above.
    go on! I will love to see more of the new series.
    xo Dania

  4. Hurray. This is strong. Very strong. Even better through its size.

  5. i find leaving it this way is much more poignant, in one's face.
    i appreciate roberto's opinion about making this much bigger too.

  6. Super Celine! I love the hanging thread- makes you work a little for the writing and looks a little more dangerous... may I say ;)

  7. A bloody impressive image and statement! It almost hurts to look at it. If this was a big piece nobody could walk by without feeling the impact!

  8. ganz toll, liebe céline! ich mag die verbindung deiner zeichnung/malerei mit dem gestickten und den fäden. und alles in rot - super! sehr gerne mehr davon!!
    ganz vielen dank für deine post, ich hab mich sehr gefreut!!
    :-) mano


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